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    1.  - 2 visits - 07/12/2012 Dec 2010 ... ell as urban developments north of Swansea.Llangyfelach also ... Neither was that the end of Swansea and the Corn riots, in April 1801 -Cached

      Such an important event in Welsh History, not least history of Peoples Protest and Workers struggle but for most part forgotten. Ceratinly by the Swanse Youth Theatre who are presentng a pageant of the City's history at the Urdd Eisteddfod. A pageant telling of the 70th anniversary of the Blitz and of the shipwreck 'Helvetia, all very well and the story of the Blitz one that needs to be told. However, myself I would have personally liked to have seen a dramatic presentation of the events at Llangyfelach in 1793 made as dramatic presentation, an event that led to what must have been the first great protest march of people and workers in Welsh History. Possibly begining a very visible opening chapter to an history of popular revolts, rebellions and strikes for the following 200 years to the present day. Nevertheless, not all might be lost, why not  the 'Children of the C.O.R.N' (Plant Urdd who have set aside the Gonk and instead taken up the Red Pitchfork Flag) over Urdd Eisteddfod Week take time off to view locations possibly associated with events of 1793 and put on 'impromptu' performances of the 1793 Rising on Llangyfelach 'Village Green' opposite the Plough and Harrow all close by the Church.

      LLANGYFELACH MAP: Large map of Llangyfelach in Swansea, Wales

      18 Apr 2011 ... Large map of the Community ofLlangyfelach in Swansea, - Cached

      Information: Have not for sure located actual site where the people and workers would have gathered in the winter of 1793, I make an educated guess at choosing area of Village Green located near a Church and Pub. However, site could have been in area of any of the Chapels that existed in the area at this time but partly because the 'Village Green' presents itself as suitable for the suggested 'impromptu' performance during Urdd Eisteddfod Week plus site of a long overdue Sculpture to memorialise this signifigant event could be located here. Why not Urdd Eisteddfod Week, attendees partcularly artists get together and consider what may be done, why not they or other body at Urdd Eisteddfod sponsor work in this direction and perhaps start raising money for such memorial. All done with due consideration of involving local community council and residents of course. Lets us remember the Peoples Struggles as much as that of English Kings, Welsh Princes, Anglo - Welsh Lords and Capitalist Exploiters. 

      RED REMEMBRANCERWelsh PopularStruggles and Strikes post 1797.

      2 May 2007 ... A Welsh Radical PLatform: containing information on history of peoples popular ... WelshPopular Struggles, Protests & Strikes post 1797. ...Popular Protests break out 1793 – 1796 with major Corn/food riots throughout ... - Cached

      Photos Below: are of the Village Green, the Church and note the interesting medieval tower, the lane that runs around back of the Church and quite possibly leads to site of Yr Eisteddfod. Interesting and to me quite esoteric, my early and best years as a child growing up in Pencoed was on a street commonly known as 'Brick Row' but it's older name back to medieval times was 'Heol y Geifr'. In these early years my sense of 'national consciousness' was taking shape and in but a few years my 'national Identity' would affirm itself, a few more years and whilst still at School I would become a Welsh Patriot and thence Politically a Nationalist. I have elsewhere in my other blogs minded people that I am retiring from the 'Patriot Game' and from active politics, so it is kind of strange that one of my last 'Ysbryd Cofiwn' outings takes place in a lane in Llangyfelach that goes by the name 'Heol y Geifr'. Have I for half a century perhaps been travelling along a great road of the goats? 

      1. 20 Aug 2010 ... Llangyfelach Ecclesiastical Parish Records "Registers (including service and ...Llangyfelach, Libanus Independent - Christenings, 1807-1837 ...

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      1. 8 Jan 2010 ... This Llangyfelach database compiled by Gareth Hicks - with ...

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      1. 19 Sep 2002 ... The following parishes make up the hundred of Llangyfelach ...

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      1. The village of Llangyfelach is located in the City and County of Swansea, Wales, UK. Llangyfelach is situated about 4 miles north of the centre of Swansea,...

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      Swansea in 1766, addressed to 'the Honnered Magistrates and Elders', was directed against the .... marched on the house of William John ofLlangyfelach, a ..... In the Beaumaris corn riots in 1728, one of the 'furious' townswomen 'hitt

Often the rioters had recognized leaders. On the march fromLlangyfelach to ... › ... › Vol. 2, nos. 1-4 - 1964-65 -Cached

The Corn Riots in Wales, 1793-1801 ... On the march from Llangyfelach to Swansea early in 1793, for example, the mob was led by Llewelin Llewelin, ...

Frequent gatherings ( hundreds of people demandingcorn alarmed the town early in 179 and ... and others from the neighbourhoo< of Llangyfelach made a protest march to Swansea. ... This new outburst of corn riots lasted for over a year, ...

Results 701 - 750 of 10184 ... Parish: Llangyfelach; County: Glamorgan; Date: 2 October 1777 ... Food riot- destroying of corn measures and obstruction of sale... -Cache

The National Library of Wales has created and published this digital version ...

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Food Crisis and Urban Riots 2011 Famine? 67. rate or flag this pageTweet this.... Governments are responding by hoarding staples like rice, corn and wheat. ... - Cached

Pointing Way Along Lane possibly to Eisteddfod Site, final foto of lane and Church is way to 
Village Green and Pub.   

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