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In the begining after the Princes, Lords and Chiefs lay down their Swords and Sold Out as 'Y Crachach Newydd' - England's Client Tribe today surrender with their 'Saxon Silver' paid for Pens and the mealy mouthed Bardic Betrayels are the same today as they were post 1536. However, a time came when the Peasant picked up the Pitchfork of Revolt and in time the Worker made and carried the Pike of Rebellion - Peasant and Worker fought for Land and Liberty, Individual, Community and Workers rights. It is time we followed in their footsteps and there is no need to await a sign or a signal, everywhere around us are calls to action across the land to Defend People and Communities, to resist oppression and Exploitation - Why Wait? Ymlean to Vyrnwy, Ymlaen to Abermule and all locations North, West and South where there is tyrrany to be fought, corruption revealed and want to be ended! We must unite one and all, we are all 'Barefoot Doggis' now! we are all Brothers and Sisters of the Ox - the 'Wretched of the Earth' we shall become unless there is an awkening and the people arise - To this end such can only be made possible not on the streets of London but on our own streets and over and over again and again on steps of the Welsh Assembly untill it is truelly made a PEOPLES PARLIAMENT! Forward a Peoples Movement - Mudiad y Werin in Peoples Struggle - Ymlaen y Werin!

I often ask myself the question, how did I, born in Merthyr and bred in the South with Working Class - Coal Mining Families with Labour Roots end up 'Back in the Day' getting into Welsh Nationalism and all that followed. Really baffling? No personal regrets but politically perhaps a different matter? Certainly, looking back at why I came up with the idea that led to Cofiwn and all the work it did down the years to create not just a Cymric Consciousness but one that would be of the 'Cymric Courageous' kind as on the 29 - 04 - 2011 Bechod Dros Cymru proved to have failed. Yet no doubt the Super Patriots will continue to pose, posture and parade at their Rali Cilmeri, as they also do at Abergele and this year in Llanelli in 1911 Commemoration Connection to boost the lie that Balchder Cymru is a Socialist Republican Movement. Socialists should treat their opportunism  not just with derision but with 'Rough Music'. If I leave a political final message of any kind behind at my end of days, it's avoid this 'Patriotic Fringe' as well as moderate conformist 'Crachach' Cultural Nationalism of Plaid Cymru and Fellow Travellers. Follow a Cymru Goch Newydd in:


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Go Left! Be Internationalist too by all means but a Wales/Welsh Socialist Struggle must be fought here in this Country in our communities, not at Rorkes Drift, on the Somme or in Spain and certainly not in Iraq or Afghanistan! Never again Welsh Men walking to London to sing for their suppers in West End Streets and neither need now for busing to what's becoming pointless Protests in London. Hence the struggle needs to be fought and won here in our own back yard in any number of protests and campaigns that become one great pan Cymru/Wales Socialist National Liberation Struggle from renewed Post Industrial Conquest of Cheque Book Colonialism. Not to wage this fight for our Country, our Communities our people is to betray all those who did so in the past, so pick up the Pitchfork and the Pike and arise, go forward - I'r Gad! 

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I suggest Wales/Welsh Socialists get down to the serious business of discussing and debating such matters during course of this years Merthyr 1831 Commemoration Weekend - Why not in Grounds of Cyfarthfa Park? (See Red Remembrancer Blog above) or there is a suitable hall in Hirwaun that could be hired for such purpose of a meeting. My Political Activist days are at an end so I can not be responsible for such, not least because there are a number of Socialists out there who could make a much better job than I. So I will stick with the history and do what I can there, already have and soon will have some fotos and info on my recent researh outings to put up in this blog.

Gethin ap Gruffydd. (Pic: Tramway Trck between Hirwaun and Pentre Penderyn)

Lets Us Walk in the footsteps of  Dafydd Ifan y Gof and Jac Gof Yr Esgair, Lewis Lewis and Edward Morgan, John Frost and Jack Rees,  Dai Cantwr and Sioni Sgubor. Of Keir Hardie and Niclas y Glais and many more heroes of Welsh Socialist Struggle. Not least follow in footsteps of Ireland's James Connolly and Scotland's Johm Mclean as well as many International Socialist Heroes.

I draw attention to my Seven Rivers Initiative, a worth while consideration regards 'Socialist Political Holidays' with purpose but with family potential too, consider some healthy fun for your parners and children as well as a lit of Discussion and Debate - Ideal Annual August BH Weekend Venture:


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