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PEASANTS PITCH FORK REVOLT PAST AND PRESENT? Plus Breton Peoples Poetry - Anjela Duval - Songs of Revolt.

 A 16th Century View Of The Land Grabbing Lords of the Land.

'Being oppressive and detestable;
scorning God and his commanments;
harrassing the weak for his land and welfare,
and behaving with abundant arrogance'.

Sion Brwynog who in 1597 wrote in reference to the 
Forest of Snowdon Controversy: 

RHUO'R DDRAIG DOES NOT RETREAT - FORWARD TO 'STRYVELAND' AND VICTORY! ... retreat-from-srtyveland-reversed.html2 hours ago ...
2 May 2007 – Welsh Popular Struggles, Protests & Strikes post 1797. ... 16 century 'Arson War' in central Wales & the Forest of Snowdon affair in Gwynedd.

THE WELSH PATRIOT.: LAND and LIBERTY Campaign Against Nov 2009 – ... are not so familiar with as The Forest of Snowdon Controversy 1569... of the poet Sion Brwynog who in 1597 wrote in reference to the Forest ...

Abandoned Landscapes - Chronological Change: 16th Century to The ...
By the 16th century at the latest many of the most productive such sites on the ... InNorth East Wales for example we can see still-occupied farms with ... The major phase of upland enclosure was yet to come, but pasture was ...

The Norman invasion and inclosure, the theft of Britain - a historical ...
The later 15th century was a period of widespread enclosure for pasture, and in the ....Star Chamber, the Councils of Wales and the North, as means of extortion. .... Coke (Chief justice of the King's Bench, 1613-16), was very emphatic on this, 


Riotous community:
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewof further trouble.68. In the early nineteenth century, most enclosure disturbances occurred in west Wales, in remote upland areas that were difficult to police.

Anjela Duval - Songs of revolt: The «remembrement rural»
This programme, known as the «remembrement rural», met with widespread opposition.... increasing feeling of revolt tool; hold of rural Brittany; the dictates of the «technocrats» of ... The authors of the texts frequently use pseudonyms. .... where an old farmer dreams of planting his pitchfork in the belly of the «aotrounez».